Monday, May 29, 2017

Sometimes we lift a candle...

Yesterday was our memorial day here at Centering Porch. It had to be - we knew we had to work at the co-op today. I was in the garden for twelve hours yesterday, interrupted myself for getting laundry on the line and a grazer’s lunch. Hallelujah-A zero ignition day. No motors, just bird songs. I was conjuring soldiers, and refugees, and people who don’t get to garden this year. It’s work to be sure. Spelled l.o.v.e. At evening’s light there’s affirmation amid the wonder.
“…sometimes we lift a candle, sometimes we curse…”  is from A Dream of the Future by Joyce Sutphen. [writer' for today, Monday, May 29, 2017.] This Memorial Day we lift a candle, honored to be an affiliate site for Quiet Garden Trust International. Come away and be. Leave your frenzy at the gate.


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