Sunday, September 22, 2019

Full Moon Float

What is required to stay afloat? A medium- typically water, the elixir of life-and buoyancy. Inflatable lungs are handy. You inhale, hold gently, lean back and surrender.
The surrender is the tricky part. It took me several childhood summers and lots of adult loving encouragement i.e.; trust building, to learn to float. Now I crave it.
I sat poolside Friday waiting for the noon joints-in-motion class to start. When I realized that by some quirky twist of circumstances I would be the only student that day I said to the PT who leads us, “If it’s all the same to you, I’d just like to swim.”
“Be my guest,” she replied. She got goggles for both of us and we swam and stretched for nearly an hour. It was heavenly despite no view of sky. And quiet. No instructions, no conversation. I ended my healing time in the water with a luxuriously long float.
And that is when I thought to myself, “What else might I surrender? What more can I release?  What things, people, beliefs, behaviors that block healing – what might any of us let go?”

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