Sunday, June 28, 2020


One COVID day at a time, Don and I kept working through Spring 2020. We counterbalanced the nightly news with daily spiritual practices. For three months I had the luxury of contemplating pandemic as portal. Still, I lived in a steady state of low grade disquietude touching on flammable anxiety.
Then George Floyd’s death, it’s anguish, and aftermath took what was already upside down here and turned it inside out. I was stopped, gut tied and stuck. I witnessed action unfolding. People taking measure and making choices. I did what wise guides have trained me to do. I sat in discernment and waited.
Within days the monthly ezine from the President of Healing Touch International, Joel Anderson, arrived by email. He too was fumbling but suggested to all practitioners like me that we view maintaining a healing presence as an act of political defiance. Really? I am still pondering it, without the threat of tear gas or arrest. But he did move me to action.
As intense summer traffic in and out of the Ledges raised dust on our gravel roadway, I realized that I had a board on which to write. With some apprehension and grade school execution, I staked out “Your life matters” (south to north) and “All life matters” (north to south) for anyone to read. A compact roadside message board. 
I found a place for my public voice and an outlet for creative design. Two weeks later my sign trio was Imagine Another Way. Healing Beyond Borders remains the signature sign.
Today, amid rising covid numbers and ridiculous bad behavior all around me, I switched it out to  Wear a Mask Please (south to north) and Get Over It (north to south).
May you rest in a healing presence, healing beyond borders.

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