Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School

Thank you, Mitra Farmand, for your inspiring cartoon from Funny Times, August 2015.

  Back to School

My whole county is bristling, bustling, busy with the business of back to school.
Tomorrow. But this time, not me.
Nope, I quit to spend more time with my dog.

Shall we cruise the canyon?
Paddle the pond?
Investigate arising aromas?
Observe hummingbirds?
All get the wag.
Shall I bless old lesson plan books
enroute to the recycle bin?
Calculate how many readers broke the code,
their gushing radiance enfolding me?
Thank God for enabling me to work
with energy and love?
“If you must,” grins Tobey, “but let’s go!”

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