Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Join the Jasper Love fest. Yes, there he is at 59.2 pounds last Tuesday.  Covid protocols kept me out of the exam room, but vet staff assure me the scale actually said 60 and that’s where they charted him. He started wiggling and wagging for the photo so I guess he was .8 pounds airborne. Anyway that’s up just about 20 pounds from death’s door in November. Thank you to the Jasper fan club for cheering us on.
If you have not yet had an opportunity to send Jasper a gift, you could do so for his birthday next week. He will be 7. His inflammatory bowel disease is with him for life, so even has he regains weight and strength, the costs do not abate. Your gift goes directly to Boone Veterinary Hospital, not me. No middleman organization gets a penny. It’s just whatever you can give, whenever you are able.
You can remind yourself how to get this done at and click on the Jasper Love menu tab. I know lots of people are hurting now. I totally get it if this isn’t a good time to give. It takes courage for me to even ask.  Come take a walk with us. We can mask and social distance as we spread Jasper love. Thank you so much.

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