Saturday, January 21, 2017


It is no miracle our mood is high.
Courage is in the air in bracing whiffs
These two lines are from Robert Frost’s poem Dedication. He wrote it for the inauguration of John F Kennedy. The glare of bright sunlight on that winter day and Frost’s failing eyesight (I believe he was 87 at the time) prevented him from reading it aloud. He recited another of his poems from memory. 
Yesterday Donald Trump was inaugurated and I was attached to the radio listening for high mood and courage in the air. I was disappointed. Last night I even ventured into television viewing, a rare activity for me, to check again. I heard a pundit say, “If you wanted poetry there was another candidate for you.”
So today we walk,
Bracing courage in the fog.
Mindfulness.  Kindness.

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