Sunday, January 24, 2021

Botanical Magic

Taking us through from one season to another.



Adieu 2020 Adieu

January 3, 2021 @ Ledges State Park

In a year of world-wide sorrow
Either one of us might have derailed

Without the four-leggeds.
They kept us moving and laughing every day,
Motivated to continue to work,

Gladdened to retreat home,
Inspired by dream-filled nightly recovery.
Blessings counted, generosity replenished, masks up, forward.

Healing beyond borders, and bones, and ballots,

Holding each other and you ever closer in the turn,

With exceedingly grateful hearts.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Jasper Love in July

Here’s the latest word for the Jasper Love fan club.
Jasper lost a pound in the last month which is not good, but his elimination is actually improving with calorie reduction. And healthy poops are an especially important bio-indicator for this guy. So I’ll take that and hope that the scale reading was just Jasper being bouncy. (What do I know? I so miss being in the exam room with them.) Also, it was super hot. Bella was down a pound too. His heart and lungs were great and his conformation excellent. Back on the scale in early August. Shheeesh. August?!
Till then, remember. A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Sunday, June 28, 2020


One COVID day at a time, Don and I kept working through Spring 2020. We counterbalanced the nightly news with daily spiritual practices. For three months I had the luxury of contemplating pandemic as portal. Still, I lived in a steady state of low grade disquietude touching on flammable anxiety.
Then George Floyd’s death, it’s anguish, and aftermath took what was already upside down here and turned it inside out. I was stopped, gut tied and stuck. I witnessed action unfolding. People taking measure and making choices. I did what wise guides have trained me to do. I sat in discernment and waited.
Within days the monthly ezine from the President of Healing Touch International, Joel Anderson, arrived by email. He too was fumbling but suggested to all practitioners like me that we view maintaining a healing presence as an act of political defiance. Really? I am still pondering it, without the threat of tear gas or arrest. But he did move me to action.
As intense summer traffic in and out of the Ledges raised dust on our gravel roadway, I realized that I had a board on which to write. With some apprehension and grade school execution, I staked out “Your life matters” (south to north) and “All life matters” (north to south) for anyone to read. A compact roadside message board. 
I found a place for my public voice and an outlet for creative design. Two weeks later my sign trio was Imagine Another Way. Healing Beyond Borders remains the signature sign.
Today, amid rising covid numbers and ridiculous bad behavior all around me, I switched it out to  Wear a Mask Please (south to north) and Get Over It (north to south).
May you rest in a healing presence, healing beyond borders.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Jasper Love Update

Our seven-year-old broke 63 pounds last week! This definitely puts him in his fighting weight range and he is certainly feeling strong and energized. We consulted with a veterinarian nutritionist, Dr. Churchill, at UMN to see what might be next in Jasper’s wonderful world of food. We wanted to stabilize his weight without compromising his recovery and hoped to gain some recommendations for replacements in his all Rx diet.
Here is her recommendation. Jasper will continue to eat the same prescription food, just less of it as he steps down from his starvation correction portions. Oh, boy. I anticipate he may get a little cranky. :^)  And the other big change for him is crackdown on treats- even those organic dog cookies he loves. Now I’m thinking REALLY cranky.
Jasper and Bella each get a frozen kong whenever I drive away to work, 5 days a week. It’s been easy fun just loading them with nutritious, delicious, soothing snacks. Now I am asked to measure and apportion calories in the kongs I fill. Now who’s getting cranky? Ok I can do this and I’m sure I will be quick at it once I do the math. Sigh.
Jasper’s daily medications and supplements, and monthly vet checks and weigh-ins continue through at least 2020. So here we go. It’s a new reel of the Jasper love movie and thanks for staying tuned.
If you have already contributed to Jasper Love via a deposit to Boone Veterinary Hospital in our name, thank you. (Please note the hospital doesn’t tell me WHO donates, so YOU have to tell me to get a proper Jasper thank you.) If you are only able to wag along and pray with us, thank you, as well.
Invitations to dog walk remain open for summer. We can wear masks and social distance as we stroll. Bella is easy to walk and I’ll be just six feet away with Jasper. I can even take both leashes if you simply prefer to tag along. We would love to be with you and we know some quiet, nearly private places to go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Jasper's Bithday

Monday, May 18, 2020

Adoption Anniversary

Adoption anniversary May 18, 2019- another celebration day here. Too bad both of the two-leggeds had to drive away and go to work. But not before morning walks! This family wants to thank all the folks who cheer us on. It’s been a dazzling sometimes frazzling year, adopting two rescues at once.  Jasper would have delaminated months ago without Bella and I would be a wreck without Don. Jasper’s chronic disease compounds his high strung behavior. And his Rx expenses for meds and diet confound our budget.  It takes courage for me to ask again, but please know that your direct gift to Boone Veterinary Hospital (2507 Eastgate Drive, Boone IA 50036 phone 515-432-4601) goes right into the dogs’ account.  No middle man, no percentage withheld.  Every penny to the pups. Any time. Any amount. Thank you.
Of course some people just like to shop. An Amazon card burning a hole in your wallet, PETCO reward points racking up, or Chewy credits rolling? You can’t help with Rx but feel free to snag a Benebone or Kong. (See photos or contact me to get the right size etc.) Benebones are car ride calming treats that reduce canine vocalization and make it safe for humans to drive. Kongs are the only “toy” allowed without supervision. Jasper and Bella get Kongs loaded with frozen snacks whenever we go to work. Like today. Sigh. 

Adoption day May 2019 Let's get these dogs home!