Monday, May 18, 2020

Adoption Anniversary

Adoption anniversary May 18, 2019- another celebration day here. Too bad both of the two-leggeds had to drive away and go to work. But not before morning walks! This family wants to thank all the folks who cheer us on. It’s been a dazzling sometimes frazzling year, adopting two rescues at once.  Jasper would have delaminated months ago without Bella and I would be a wreck without Don. Jasper’s chronic disease compounds his high strung behavior. And his Rx expenses for meds and diet confound our budget.  It takes courage for me to ask again, but please know that your direct gift to Boone Veterinary Hospital (2507 Eastgate Drive, Boone IA 50036 phone 515-432-4601) goes right into the dogs’ account.  No middle man, no percentage withheld.  Every penny to the pups. Any time. Any amount. Thank you.
Of course some people just like to shop. An Amazon card burning a hole in your wallet, PETCO reward points racking up, or Chewy credits rolling? You can’t help with Rx but feel free to snag a Benebone or Kong. (See photos or contact me to get the right size etc.) Benebones are car ride calming treats that reduce canine vocalization and make it safe for humans to drive. Kongs are the only “toy” allowed without supervision. Jasper and Bella get Kongs loaded with frozen snacks whenever we go to work. Like today. Sigh. 

Adoption day May 2019 Let's get these dogs home!

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