Monday, September 7, 2015

Calling Emily

The rocks called to me,
“Check me out.”
“Pick me up.”
“Take me home.”
I waded awash in cool polishing water
Slipperiness undermining balance in one breath
Counterpoint with solid comfort each tread.
Ledges Canyon a long shallow version
Of Harimau Cave
Half a world away.
Where Emily and I dipped
And glistened and exclaimed over rocks.
Selecting one, tossing another,
Unspoken criteria for the keepers.
We paused to admire the other’s prizes without coveting.
Then dove again for beauty.
We were younger then
By a long shot.
So were the rocks
Albeit only by a planetary blink.
I brought my smooth canyon treasures home
To keep them wet, in my gaze.
Silent souvenirs of solidarity
Outlasting time and geography.

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