Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lunar landings

July 20, 2019
The celebration is now. The build up has been stunning, engaging, and so educational. Even the BBC Proms blasted off on Friday with a musical exploration of the moon -Zosha Di Castri's latest work Long Is the Journey - Short Is the Memory, which marks the 50th anniversary of the lunar landings.

I can recall exactly where I was for the landing and on whose television and in whose company I watched it. One of those event specific memory milestones that bind many earthlings. Yet I do not think I grasped the enormity of it. So, it has been fascinating to reeducate myself this month about what actually happened five decades ago. Indeed, the long journey juxtaposed with the short memory.

It only reinforces my bent for seeking sky. So this evening I stepped outside to photograph a post-rain firmament, but putting on my sandals I was looking down, of course. Behold.

Heavenly blessings all around. Up and down.

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