Sunday, September 22, 2019

Autumn Equinox

Change is in the air. Although the humidity feels like peak summer, there is no denying the surrounding signs of autumn. Foliage trades green for yellow. Goldfinches, still tawny, graze the Echinacea seed heads. Spider webs large and small pop up unannounced on familiar pathways.
Ever changing also is pain’s ebb and flow for the creature(s) you love. Some of them are afloat in the blessing bowl. Here is my equinox prayer for us. It’s adapted from Peter Traben Haas in Centering Prayers, 2013.
Help me to stay open to love in this world of pain. Do not let me close down in hurt; open me through forgiveness. When I turn inward in my worries, lift my eyes skyward. If I feel unworthy in loneliness, remind me of my infinitesimal but essential value serving life on our sometimes dreary planet. In silence and surrender, draw me to love.

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