Thursday, March 26, 2020

Social distancing

Encouragement from Henri Nouwen
This came my way from Henry Freeman, board member at and I hereby give him full credit for all text below
"What does it mean to truly and authentically be with another person?" asked Henri Nouwen.

…Only a single question that speaks to the heart of something very powerful in the human spirit-the need for deep connection with others who care about us.

As we struggle to keep a safe physical distance from both strangers and loved ones, Henri's question reminds us that being "physically present"-as is often the case in many social settings-can never replace the emotional and spiritual presence that is at the heart of "being with" another person.  Indeed, what we all need-and what each of us can provide to another human being-is our desire to be present and our recognition of the privilege it is to share the burdens we all carry during this challenging time.

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