Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Three months behind and ahead

Just past equinox and three months since the solstice. That December night we experienced an evening of live music with Peter Mayer in Slater. Such a wonderful start to winter. Not my favorite season but Peter warmed my heart with his poetry and voice on the longest night of the year. 
Now he has pledged to release a new song on youtube everyday till "the distancing is over."

I’m pondering the energetic events and surprises of the past three months. Working in retail fueled December, campaigning for Mayor Pete consumed January, kaboom the caucuses deflated February but energy rebalanced with community valentine makers in our dining room, and the dogs - always the dogs. All beneath the brewing cloud of covid-19.
December seems like much longer ago than three months. I contemplate three months ahead and cannot imagine what will happen to all of us. It’s an anxious fearful time that I cannot fully understand. I can only live each day with mindfulness, humility, and compassion. I aspire to let the covid-19 experience make me the best possible person that I can be. Meanwhile, we shall rely upon Maxwell as stabilizer supreme.

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