Monday, March 9, 2020

Life's Persistance

  Another utterly remarkable weekend here with warm temperatures in the sixties and friendly winds. Once again, perfect dog walking weather and we did plenty of that.  We also paused to rescue a deer who I saw slam into a chain link fence. THAT was a healing experience. We actually thought she had a spinal cord injury and would have to be euthanized. With heavy hearts we trudged home to come back with a rifle. When we got back, she was gone. We searched thoroughly, not wishing to leave her suffering if she had simply dragged herself into hiding. But it was a large fenced area, a finite realm to search, and she was gone. Apparently she needed some recovery time alone and a whiff of spring ahead to choose life.  I like to think of her rally. Leaping over the fence that downed her. Choosing life.
We also marked this day one year without our beloved Tobey. I visit with him each night under the stars. I ask him- sometimes beg him- for help with the new dogs. His remarkable presence continues to inspire me. If Jasper and Bella are not already feeling his welcome, they will be with this anniversary. Thank you, a million thank yous, Tobey.

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